Web Ministry Essential

For Optimizing Your Website and Advancing Your Web-Ministry to the Next Level

It will begin with constructing
a Mobile-friendly Continuous-flow church website
to welcome new people!

The design of the website must be mobile friendly, and the user interface should rely on one-hand operation with a thumb.

Our main goal is simple:

help churches get a professional web presence, a platform for new evangelism in the digital culture.

Your church website is the front door to your church! Don’t ignore this claim. Many of the church websites, unfortunately, are telling that their church is outdated and unintentionally communicating, “You are not welcome here.” Are you in need of upgrading/creating your church website?


Web Ministry Essential Features

01 | Fully Customized WordPress Website

We will construct a fully customized WordPress website. The site is based on all the features and functionality of the 10-best continuous flow mobile-friendly church websites of 2019-2020.

02 | Easy to Maintain

We will set up a project management channel in workplace by Facebook for effective communications and collaboration. We provide a professional backend system so that you can easily upload and change contents of your website. With the affordable WordPress premium services, we will professionally maintain your entire website, and it will be a hassle free for you.

03 | Affordable

We would love to offer $500 grant for a qualified since our main goal is help churches get a professional web presence, a platform for new evangelism in the digital culture. We also provide affordable payment plans for a jump start into viral web ministry.

04 | Optional Addon's

You can add optional addon’s upon your needs. We provide Mobile App, Online/Mobile Donation Platform, Keywords Research, eMail Campaign Platform, and Team Collaborative Communication Platform. 

What are the Next Steps?

Step 1:

Let’s set up a Zoom(online) meeting with Dr. Paul Moon for a 45-minute consultation.
Don’t worry, it’s FREE. You will get practical insights, based on the report, how to optimize the website and to advance your web-ministry to the next level.

Step 2:

Sign up for the Web Ministry Essential. If you have eligible grant code, you can redeem it. We also have the monthly payment option for you.
See Website Pricing >>

Step 3:

Contents & Data Collection. We will gather contents and data of your church which are needed  on your website. We’ll assist you in writing content for the rest of your website.

Step 4:

Constructing a Mock-up Site and Modification.  Constructing a mock-up sitetypically takes about 2 weeks once we have content, sometimes faster.

Step 5:

Launching your website. 

cohort coaching

We invite you to a complementary coaching session!

Once done with the construction of your church website, we would love to provide you with a complementary coaching and consultation session, via Zoom meeting, how to utilize your new website for your effective web ministry reaching out with new people in your neighbor community.

10 Best Mobile-friendly Church Websites for 2019-20

The Mock-up Site Showcase (click an image below to move onto the live demo)

You may be eligible to receive $500 grant and other benefits

Please fill out this form to find out your eligibility. We will shortly follow up with your inquiry.

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