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We want to help you discover new ways forward.
We are not interested in equipping you for ministry in 1995.
We are committed to helping your church thrive in 2020!

The Epicenter Group works with scores of congregations and new faith communities each year.

When you work with an Epicenter coach, you are working with our whole group. We collaborate and compare notes constantly. We read and study innovation constantly: both in the churches where we are working and around the world. Our team covers the waterfront in terms of skills and specializations – and we commit that if we don’t have the coach or consultant that your church needs for the work before you, we will find that person for you!  For more information about how you might find coaching to develop your church’s ministry to the next level,   contact us.

Why Choose Epicenter?

Two reasons. We have experience. And we think ahead.

1. We have experience: We have worked onsite in more than 1500 congregations in multiple denominations, in all sorts of settings on three continents.

Paul Nixon coached the fourth fastest growing new church in America, starting in 2009, as it grew from 100 to 3000 in worship in six years. SIX of our coaches have planted new faith communities. 

Paul NixonBeth and Gary have each directed church development for denominational regions in the USA. Gary directed new church development for The United Methodist Church.

Trey is a leader in Millennial and multisite planting and staffs Epicenter’s first coaching practice outside the US. Trey presently works with us and with the British Methodist Church, overseeing Methodist church planting in the UK.

Lynne has the distinction of having led a successful church plant and a successful turn-around of a large, historic downtown church.  She knows both challenges.

Paul Moon was a multi-national business owner before he planted a church in New York City in one of the most culturally diverse communities anywhere.  Paul knows how to do ministry in culturally diverse areas, and is a leading trainer around online platforms for ministry. 

Craig has led worship ministry in a congregation with ten distinctive worship services and is a seasoned coach around worship design and renewal. 

Rachel understands what it means to successfully plant a progressive/evangelical church as a woman and a Millennial in a denominational culture dominated by the sensibilities of older persons.

2. We are thinking ahead. The world is not standing still. At Epicenter, we take cultural change seriously.We are students of the seismic shifts underway, and thinking ahead to new paradigms and strategies for the Christian movement. The fog is clearing, and the contours of effective ministry in the years ahead are becoming crystal clear. Paul and Beth’s best-selling 2016 book, Weird Church, unpacks much of what the rising church will look like.  Beth and Paul are each releasing new books in 2019, focused, respectively, on spiritual discernment and bonding diverse people together in ministry.

Our team makes a difference.

Our team has worked onsite in more than 1500 congregations in multiple denominations, in all sorts of settings on three continents.  Paul, Beth and Gary have each directed church development for denominational regions in the USA.  Gary directed new church development for The United Methodist Church.

Together we work with about 60 new church plants a year and about 60 existing churches, ranging from very conventional to off-the-charts in innovation.  This work keeps us on the cutting edge, but also grounded in the political realities of leading change in long-existing communities.

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