I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church

by Paul Nixon

I know of no one who is more in touch with and participating in the Spirit-breathed emergence of new forms of church than Beth Estock and Paul Nixon. Here is a book I will use not only in my seminary classes on evangelism and church planting, but in the church at large as I encourage pastors and lay leaders who are being called to launch weird churches in their own contexts.

Elaine A. Heath
Former Dean of Duke Divinity School, and co-founder of The Missional Wisdom Foundation

There is a new church in town. Rising from the ashes. A gift to coming generations! And it is so beautiful, so elegant, so Spirit-driven. Once your eyes focus and you are able to see it, you will send up a hearty prayer of thanks that you lived to see it!

In the post-Christendom era, nothing in the world of organized religion works the way it used to work. While some are beginning to give up hope for the future of faith, Weird Church offers a clear vision of a good future, so long as church leaders are willing to live into a few critical shifts.  Utilizing Spiral Dynamics as a means of framing the current changes in North American culture, authors Paul Nixon and Beth Estock offer a rip-roaring forecast of where the church is going as we race toward the mid-century!